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Mustang ecoboostMustang EcoBoost®


Mustang is out of the gate with its first-ever EcoBoost® engine - a 2.3L marvel of power.

231 Kilowatts (310 horsepower)
320 lb-ft. of torque


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Mustang GT

Powerful New Mustang GT


The new 5.0L V8 is even more powerful than its predicessors. You’re welcome.

303 Kilowatts (405 horsepower)
373 lb-ft. of torque


Read more about the All New Mustang GT

Mustang handling

Precise Handling and Control


The all-new body conceals an all-new driving experience. New front and rear suspensions - and more - work together to provide more precise handling and control



All-new fully independent rear suspension

New double-ball-joint front suspension

Improved pitch control during hard acceleration and hard braking

Less body roll improves the overall feel and ride

Mustang handling drive modes

Selectable Drive Modes* 


Customizable driving preferences let you dial in the handling dynamics to your liking.



Select driving mode with a toggle switch on the center stack

Choose from four settings: normal, snow/wet, sport and track

Mustang adjusts its handling and response characteristics to optimize control

What Mustang owners say

Owning a Mustang is great. We love getting out on the weekends with the top down. It attracts looks and is a great conversation starter when we stop somewhere. People love to have a chat about our Mustang ..."

Nick & Elaine Wallace

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